Linkedin direct outreach process

Linkedin direct outreach process

If you're looking for a proven process to use for organic client attraction on Linkedin then this article is for you. 

Linkedin direct outreach process. 

Before following this article if you haven't already optimized your Linkedin profile, refer back to this article by {{{clicking here}}}. Complete this step first before moving forward. We need an efficient, systemized way to reach out to people organically every day. However, when using Linkedin, there are a few key things we want to keep in mind. For these reasons, follow the instructions below:


LinkedIn: Searching For Prospects And Adding Them As Connections (Hunting)

1. Now that your profile is set up correctly, it’s time to search for people who are in your niche and a good fit for your your offer. 

2. Login to LinkedIn, click inside the search box at the top, click “People” and you will be taken to a page that allows you to add “Locations”, “Connections” and “Companies”. Narrow down your search by adding a specific country that’s most likely to have your idea clients in it. Example: United States.

3. Try searching for some key phrases like: Accounting business owner, CEO accounting, Accounting principle, Accounting president etc. When you search for each term, scroll through the results and look for people who are a good fit for your offer. Make note of what search terms work and what ones don’t -- this will save time in the future. See example below. 

4. When you find somebody who’s a good fit for your offer, check out their profile and see what terminology they use to describe themselves. Make notes of all the different words people in your niche use to describe their niche, their business and their position. Making note of this will allow you to search for many new phrases and continuously uncover more prospects.

5. When you find somebody who’s a good fit for your offer, add them as a connection. Here are some proven connection messages to send based on how you've found the prospect.

Mutual Group Connection

Hi [NAME],

I saw we were both in the [NAME OF GROUP] group - and just thought we could both benefit by connecting here if you’re maybe open to it. =)

Referral Connection

Hi [NAME],

I was chatting with [REFERRER’S NAME] and they just thought it would be helpful for the two of us to connect here if you’re maybe open to it. =)

Cold Connection

Hi [NAME],

I see you’re a [XYZ]. I help ___ do ___ and am always on hand to offer tips and advice.

Be great to connect if you’re open to it?

*You should aim to add at least 20 new connections on LinkedIn everyday. The maximum safe amount you can add is 40. You will want to see a minimum of 20% of the people you add to accept your request. If yours is lower, you'll need to fix your profile, and start to experiment with new variations of connection messages. 

LinkedIn: Direct Messaging Connections When They Accept (Advancing)

1. When a prospect accepts your connection you will want to begin testing you variations of push/pull messaging which can be found  here.

2. Warning: NEVER message people who aren’t connections. These messages will go to SPAM and they will get your account added to a blacklist if you do it too often. 

3. When you direct message LinkedIn connections, we do not want to have a response rate lower than 15%. If people aren't responding and you've given your push/pull message variations a proper 100 message test each, then you will need to start testing new hypothesis messages and gathering feedback and results. Ultimately, if people aren't responding to what you are saying to them, there is a disconnect between what the niche actually wants, and what you are communicating to them. 

4. When you continue the conversation, you’re trying to advance it towards a “15 min chat”. This is a brief phone call where you can ask the prospect diagnosis questions and basically complete your “Funnel Survey” yourself by asking them the right questions. 

5. If they seem like a good fit, tell them that and ask when they’re available for a 45 min strategy session where you can dive into things further. Nail down an exact date/time, ask them for their email address, load it into Google Calendar and invite them as a participant so that they get reminders and boom! You’ve got a strategy session in the calendar ready to go! 

6. If they don’t seem like a good fit, tell them that and then thank them for their time. End the conversation there and move onto better prospects. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, don’t waste your time scraping the barrel because you feel desperate.

One thing to note here*

1) To get unlimited searches and more options for your Linkedin profile, you may want to consider investing in  Linkedin Sales Navigator. This is not necessarily to land your first clients on Linkedin though. 

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