How to follow-up your direct outreach emails

How to follow-up your direct outreach emails

If you need to know how many times to follow up after sending a direct outreach email message, then this article is for you!

Whether you've sent an email, lumpy mail, letter, or any other form of direct outreach marketing, this will help you with followup to make sure you can get the decision maker on the phone.

The 5-step proven process for following up on direct outreach messages is as follows.

Here's The Process:

1. Make sure you have Yesware (here's the link to the software) installed on your Gmail email accounting. Yesware allows you track who opens your email, and when. This way, when your prospect opens your email, you know when and if you should follow up. If you don't use Gmail, look for a similar tool that will allow you to do those two things - it's invaluable and you must use something like this.

2. Did they open your email/lumpy mail? Yes or No? If they didn't open your email, then you need to send another one 2 days later, and continue sending one every 2 days until you've sent 4 total. If you've sent 4 with no openings.

3. If they did open your first email or lumpy mail? If it's email, the very best practice is to follow up with a phone call to the decision maker that you sent it to, between 2-5 minutes after they open the email. For lumpy mail, really the best thing you can say to a gatekeeper/receptionist when following up is "I sent a package to [DECISION MAKER], and he should be expecting my call".

Now, the reason we do this for email specifically is because you want to give a short opportunity for them to email you back if they are, but if they do not email you back, you want to get them on the phone while your email message is extremely fresh on their mind. 

4. Now, if you are not fully ready yet to follow up on the phone (we highly recommend it), then the secondary way you can follow up is via another email to them. It's best to email it, again, roughly 5-10 minutes after they open your first email. Remember: most people receive hundreds of emails everyday, likely you do too! 

People need to be messaged persistently in order to get a response, the vast majority of the time. It's normal and to be expected to not have every single person respond to your emails. It's important to accept this as reality, and then take appropriate actions in light of that to get the result you want (which is to get them on the phone).

5. Continue to email your prospect 4 times until they email you back, or call you to book a 15 minute chat.

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