Where can I get ideas for my niche?

Where can I get ideas for my niche?

If you are looking to get the best information and market research from your niche, then this article is for you!

The best place to get ideas from is the market - it is the old case of 

"What does Suzy want for lunch?"

You see Suzy sitting on the park bench and are wondering what she wants for lunch

You can do all of the research known to man, bring as many ideas as possible to the table - but the truth is...you still don't know what Suzy wants for lunch. 

The only way to truly know - is to ask Suzy like "Hey what do you want for lunch" and she will tell you. 

Suzy is the Niche/market .   the "lunch" is what painful problem they want solved. Doing research and formulating hypothesis on our own is great, but at some point the only way to know what they need is to talk to the market and collect feedback. 

Now go speak to the market and figure out what their pain is!!!

Doing this will make you and your offer extremely valuable =)