I have my niche. How do I create my client avatar?

I have my niche. How do I create my client avatar?

If you've got your niche, that's awesome! This article is all about the next step, which is creating your ideal client avatar.

Here's The Process:

1. It's important to understand there are multiple segments within one niche. Imagine it in terms of pies. You could have selected Raspberry or Apple as your niche. You've chosen 'Apple Pie' as your niche. 

Now within the Apple Pie, there are different qualities and characteristics to each segment of the pie:

2. Each niche has more valuable and less valuable segments. For example, with Real Estate Agents, as a niche, there are agents in that niche who are 1-off Realtors. They have no team, no systems, and only do a few transactions every year. What's interesting is that this may be the segment of the market that needs your service (if you're offering digital marketing services), however - they would be the most difficult to get a 'big win' for.

They do not have the same kind of marketing budgets as other segments of the market. For example, a better segment would be real estate teams, where there is a team leader, 3 other agents, 2 assistants, and they'll do many dozens of transactions every single year.

They're already doing well in their business, but would be dramatically easier to get a big win for, since they have the budget and can easily afford a marketing service. They also have reputation, systems, and other components that help you're work with them actually be more effective to their business, overall. 

3. It's important to identify the segments that have the ability to purchase what you're offering, and really see the value in not staying in their current situation, whatever that may be. Some may wish to 'go faster', some cannot do the work you do themselves and need an expert, and others simply wish to work with someone who has a proven process for getting the result, for someone just like them.

Once you narrow down on that segment, you want to focus on attracting and closing clients exactly like that, and just doing *more* of that. That's how you scale a lean, mean, wildly profitable consulting business.