Picking a niche: The fundamentals

Picking a niche: The fundamentals

If you are struggling to pick a niche or are finding yourself niche jumping...then this article is for you!

Step 1: Fall in love with the niche

Your business will be built on the fundamentals of having a clear niche chosen and truly understanding their problems - everything else from there is actually a lot easier because you have heard from the market.

Doing this will give you confidence in what you are offering because it is something they have told you they need - similar to if you were trying to be a world-class basketball player - but the way you've always shot the ball is with your feet then the fundamentals of basketball are poor- hence making it extremely difficult to be a good basketball player.

Select a niche - take your hypothesis of what you think they may want and just talk to at least 20 of them - look for a pattern in what they say. A X B=C Niche x Offer = Result . Take your A --Figure out C from the market telling you...and then you can take your skills or the ones you can acquire or outsource and create the B.

For example, many will choose digital marketing for a niche blindly and that is not always the best choice if the niche's biggest problem is not something digital can help with.