Launch Facebook ads from Ads Manager

Launch Facebook ads from Ads Manager

If you're trying to launch your Facebook ads from within the Ads Manager this article is for you. 

Go into your Facebook Business Manager Account and open up the Ads Manager. 

Step 1: Create your campaign shells as show in in the training for your Cold Traffic & Retargeting campaigns. 

Step 2: Create your audiences list as shown in the training, with the audience insights tool. Once you find an audience you'd like to launch ads to, select "Save" at the top of the page in Audiences Insights. You'll be prompted to name your audience. Doing this will allow you within Facebook ads manager (similar to as shown in Qwaya) to save a list of the audiences you'll be running your adsets to. To find this saved list with Ads manager at anytime, "Ads Manager" in the top left of your screen followed by "Audiences" on the dropdown. 

Step 3: Select the campaign you'd like to create ad sets for. Create the adset following the steps laid out in the training to select your ad sets Conversion Event, Budget, and then select one of your "Saved Audiences" from Step #2 to select the audience your adset will target. Following the training again, select your ad set's Optimization and Conversion Window. Then at the Ads level, add your images, headline, button, angle copy, etc. To launch more adsets to the same audience, duplicate the adset as many times as you desire. If you'd like to launch a different angle to the same audience, duplicate and replace the original angle with a new one, keeping the audience's constant. To launch the same angle to a new audience, duplicate and keep the angle constant, while selecting a new Audience at the adset level.  

Example: If you're using the Budget variation calculator and planning on testing 2 angles to 8 audiences. 

First, create one adset containing Angle #1 and its 4 images per adset. Select 1 of the 8 audience interests. This is done at the adset level. 

Then, duplicate this original adset 7 times keeping the angle and 4 images constant. For each of the 7 variations change the audience you're targeting. By the end, this will give you Angle #1 with 4 images running to 8 different audiences. 

Next, launch those 8 ad sets and get them approved. 

Once approved, clone/duplicate all 8 of the ad sets and keep the audiences constant. Edit the angle from Angle #1 to Angle #2 and edit the 4 images for angle #1 with your next set of 4 images that correspond with angle 2. 

Then, launch this next set of 8 ad sets. This will give you Angle #2 with 4 images running to 8 different audiences. 

In total you will have successfully launched 16 ad sets allowing you to hit your target of launching 2 angles to 8 audiences.